An Appeal in This Difficult Time
Rev. Masaharu Asayama
Special Greetings to Christian Friends in This Difficult Time

I send you greetings in Christ in this difficult time. I feel like one of Job's friends who sat with Job without a word for seven days and seven nights, because they saw his suffering was very great. I am afraid that I might utter unwise words like them. Forgive me before hand for my poor words.

Dear friends,
I heartily share the sorrow, pains, and even anger with you for the loss of thousands of precious lives. I hate terror! I hate terrorists! Allow me, however, to ask to ourselves in the midst of the tragedy. Should we make the death of thousands of people in New York, Washington, and Pittsburgh worthless and meaningless? We do believe that the unearned suffering of those people and the US people has the redemptive meaning. As Christian people, it is time for you to show your Christian love and patience, isn't it? Let us look up to the cross of Jesus, who said on the cross, "Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing."

Dear friends,
Retaliation is not the answer to the cruel violence. War is no solution to it. You can smash cockroaches with the sole of a shoe, but not a virus. By smashing cockroaches, you will be spreading all over the world the virus of hatred, enmity, distrust, and everything that destroys our human community. We are the people who have been called by God to be the peacemakers, aren't we?

Let us pray and work for breaking the vicious circle of retaliation. Let us use this unprecedented tragedy to express to ourselves and to show world our Christian faith, hope, and love.

No More Violence! No More War!

May God bless you.

In Christ,

Masaharu Asayama
IPCC chair

IPCC is meant to be a world-wide Christian action(witness) 
toward the 21st century which proclaims the gospel of 
reconciliation to all people of the world.IPCC acts to build
 the inter-personal Christian community which is made up
 of individual persons.
People are invited to join the Council(IPCC) as a person 
representing none other than her-or-him-self.
IPCC,incidentally,could also stand for Inter Personal Computer Church.
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