The Ghost of Nationalism
-from "International" to "Inter-Personal"-
by Masaharu Asayama

The Ghost of nationalism roams the earth in search of humans to feed off. Even in this country, those who have fallen captive to the Ghost are over-enthusiastically recruiting new members. Take the people who call themselves the Liberal View of History Study Group. I was stunned by a statement announced late last year about the establishment of a committee to create new history textbooks, however, I was further disturbed by the large number of people involved, including many propagandists and supporters that were expected to take part. There is no feeling of anger or disappointment, simply a powerless sensation or maybe just a deep sense of sorrow.

An individual gets caught up in a certain direction of thought and accordingly continues on with its life, until this thought pattern gradually forms a whole belief or concept on which onefs view of life and of history is founded. I find this progression a wonder. If the disciple Paul had not encountered the resurrected Jesus on his way to Damascus, then he would have no doubt continued his frantic efforts as a believer of Jewish nationalism of his day.

According to nationalists, their number one priority is the nation and its people. Let us look at a passage taken from the above-mentioned statement. "Each country has its own version of history, its own unique awareness of that history. It is impossible to generate a common appreciation of history with ease. If Japan, graduating from an early stage of nationalism, were to join its neighboring Asian countries, which are now approaching the expansion of their early phase of nationalism, in compromising their appreciation of history, then this would surely lead to nothing short of our surrender. ...We strongly appeal to every sector of society that we need to make efforts to examine the concept of the 50 years since the end of World War 2, to return to the original query of "What is history?" and to restore our countryfs authentic history, possessed without exception by every race. ..."

As you may well know, opposition generated against the adoption of the army-service comfort women issue, the nationfs crime, and its publication in textbooks, has now started to gain momentum in its own way as one movement. Even some of the so-called Christians, the group of eGenshi Fukuinf-Original Gospel, for instance, are in the situation where they are supporting the campaign for nationalism. For example, the column entitled "Holy Scripture Essay---We the chosen Japanese people" in the April issue of the "Light of Life" publication reads something like this: "The Japanese people received a heavy blow to their spirit following their defeat in World War 2. However, in the midst of this nationfs life or death crisis, they managed to show the world that they were a people who would not even resign their unique method of dying. Christ paid close attention to that and chose the Japanese people to be entrusted with his original Gospel. Added to this solemn fact, the Japanese blood that flows through my veins seethes in Christ."

In the Gospel according to John, there is a section where Pilate questions Jesus as to whether he is the king of the Jews. During their exchange Jesus states "My kingdom is not from this world." (18:36). This, however, does not necessarily mean that Godfs kingdom does not appear on earth. Jesus is telling us that there is a reality on this earth, guided by Godfs rule, a reality the likes of which have never before been witnessed. In this way, just like the shepherd who leaves his 99 sheep in order to search for the lost one, the pain and sorrow of even the most insignificant person will not be overlooked.
The sorrow of a single comfort woman must not be lost in the beautification of a peoplefs authentic history.

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