The Ship of Good News
-The Formation of the New Humankind Community-
by Masaharu Asayama
The Church gshiph loaded with its Good News gcargoh set sail navigating its way through Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, docking in the various Roman cities to off load some of its abundant freight and then hoisting anchor to glide on further into the European region, then traversing tempestuous waters in its quest to reach Africa and the Americas. After many lonesome years, the ship hits the shores of Asia and finally comes to moor in the far-east, our homeland, Japan. Now we too can board this wonderful ship and share in its blessings of Good News.

However, when I survey my surroundings, a disconcerting feeling comes over me. I find myself pondering that perhaps something very important is missing. I attempt to deny it, surely its not so, but even now near the end of the 21st century, conflicts, hatred and bloodshed are frequent occurrences throughout the world. But what most disturbs me is that even amongst countries with a long background of Christian tradition, the people are continuously fighting each other, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. What on earth is happening?

What did the ship of Good News leave in its wake? Numerous splendid cathedrals. Paintings and sculptures. The Church as a large organization. Thousands of volumes of theological works. Not to mention the regional conflicts and battles between peoples and countries. Nor are we to forget the discrimination, the prejudice, the famine, the poverty or the hatred. The Gospel of Christ, the Good News of the reconciliation of Jesus brought us these things?

Something here is not quite right!

But that was how it was after all. Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten to load a very precious package, or maybe it fell overboard somewhere on the journey. Who knows when or where that was?! What we do know is that it was certainly on board the ship of Good News when the disciples crossed the waters at Galilee with Jesus, and later when Paul and his followers were cruising along the Mediterranean Sea It was most surely among the valuable shipment being carted and off loaded by the ship of Good News. So where and when did this happen? How did this occur? We have lost sight of it now, and yet no-one seems to mind. This puzzles me deeply.

We must go back to retrieve this freight that we have mislaid, this vast treasure of Good News. Let us return to the sea of Galilee. Let us turn back to the Mediterranean Sea. Let us try the Patmos Island. This important freight of the Gospel is most definitely waiting to be collected by us. If we do not manage to rescue this valuable package, then the ship of Good News will lose all meaning for continuing its voyage on the world seas at this turn of century.

Setting sail for the new humankind community!
The cargo of Good News to be shipped to the world`s ports
Aboard the vessel of Good News at this turn of century.
Jesus inspired this new humanity,
The previous now long since capsized.
This change of course manoeuvred by Jesus.
The Gospel of Christ`s recalculation of the world`s bearings.
The Gospel, how visionary, how revolutionary!

Come Holy Spirit

IPCC is meant to be a world-wide Christian action(witness) 
toward the 21st century which proclaims the gospel of 
reconciliation to all people of the world.IPCC acts to build
 the inter-personal Christian community which is made up
 of individual persons.
People are invited to join the Council(IPCC) as a person 
representing none other than her-or-him-self.
IPCC,incidentally,could also stand for Inter Personal Computer Church.
Fresh Skins for New Wine!
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